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Buffaloes Slip at Home

FC Bartlesville Buffaloes - Side FC 92 1:4

On Saturday evening the Buffaloes faced a very strong Side FC 92 and earned their first loss of the season. Side FC capitalized 4 times which was more than enough to earn them all 3 points.

The game started well for the Buffaloes as they were controlling the rhythm of the game and had the majority of possession. Aleksa Morovic was the player who changed the score for the first time that evening by getting FC Bartlesville ahead after 5 minutes of play with a beautiful finish after 2 wall passes, the first with Perica and the second with Kirill Pakhomov who added an assist to his tally for the season.

Side FC 92 scored their first goal in the 33rd minute after a cross from the left side and a nice finish.

The away team was able to score one more time before the half, ending the first half at 1-2.

The Buffaloes could never find their groove in the second half which Side FC used to score 2 more goals and end the game with a 4-1 win.

"It was a very challenging game for us today. Congrats to the great Side FC team who deserved to win today". said the coach Luka Milicevic. "When analyzing the game, we just weren't focused on so many small details that ended up costing us the game. We need to do a better job of staying composed when the game is not going in our favor".

The Buffaloes are traveling to Forth Smith, AR to face the River Valley Bully's. The game is scheduled for a 5:00 pm kick-off on Saturday 4/27.

Photo Credits: Eric James Haschke 

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